The Fall of Renais

The Fall of Renais
The Fall of Renais.png
Prologue of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones's terrain
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Objective Route all enemies
Units Allowed Two; Seth and Eirika
Units Gained Two; Seth and Eirika
Boss O'Neill

In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones's prologue, The Fall of Renais, long time ally of Renais, Grado, mysteriously betrays their trust and invades Renais, catching Renais off guard and storming the capital. King Fado and his daughter, Eirika, stand by as a messenger reports the castle breach and, under Fado's orders, a paladin named Seth carries Eirika out of danger's way and towards Frelia, a neighboring country, ruled by the honorable Hayden. Upon escaping the castle grounds, Valter, a Grado emporer under the name of "Moonstone" attempts to capture Eirika but is impeded by Seth who bears a grave wound for Eirika's sake. Seth grabs Eirika and reaches the Border of Mulan just outside of Frelia before bestowing a rapier to her, telling her the journey will not be easy. Eirika admits to have learnt swordplay from her older brother, Ephraim, and that she will be able to handle herself. Just then, three enemy bandits appear and Seth and Eirika must defeat them before continuing on.

The prologue serves primarily as a chapter to teach new Fire Emblem players the ropes of the game rather than provide difficulty mastering the level.


[edit] Script

See: The Fall of Renais/Script

[edit] Boss

Name: O'Neill 
Class: Fighter 
HP: 23 
Level: 4 
Movement: 5 
Strength: 6 
Skill: 4 
Speed: 7 
Luck: 0 
Defense: 2 
Resistance: 0 
Constitution: 11 
Equipment: Iron Axe 

[edit] New Units

[edit] Strategy

Due to the simplicity of the chapter, utilizing Seth is close to pointless. Seth's already a promoted unit and doesn't need the experience otherwise capable of bestowing to Eirika.

That said, waiting and fighting off the enemy bandits one at a time with Eirika is the most beneficial course of action. Despite Seth's health debuff (due to Valter's blow), healing him with a Vulnerary is obsolete, as none of the enemy units will inflict enough damage on him to kill him. Instead, save the vulneraries in case Eirika takes a blow from an enemy unit. Make sure to keep an eye on her health while stationing her in a narrow path that allows her to be attacked by only one enemy unit at a time.

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