The Protected

The Protected
The Protected.png
Chapter two of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
objective Route all enemies
units Allowed All units
units Gained Five; Vanessa, Moulder, Ross and Garcia
boss Bone

King Hayden apologizes for being unable to spare soldiers. However, he does provide Eirika with a small but trusted party of vassals. Eirika is grateful for the king's aid. Chasing rumors of her brother, she sets out for Grado. The group's first stop is the remote village of Ide, which was, until very recently, a part of renais. Here, Eirika sees the devastation of Renais with her own eyes.

Voicing that they're Eirika's to command, Moulder and Vanessa hear Eirika's plans of reaching Grado which they both agree to be sensible routes. While scouting for possible enemy units, Vanessa spots a brigande of bandits ransacking nearby villages. While on her scout, Vanessa witnesses a father and his son escape the village but retain injuries. Eirika must rescue the two, heal their wounds and clear out the bandits!

After the fight, Seth recognizes Garcia as being an old Renais soldier. Upon asking if Garcia will once again lend his support to Renais in its time of need, Garcia kindly declines to fullfill his promse to his dead wife to protect and serve their son, Ross, rather than to war. Ross protests in the middle of all this, however, and asks if the two of them can join together.


[edit] Script

See: The Protected/Script

[edit] Reinforcements

On turn three two bandits will appear just north of the south western village.

[edit] Items

The following are items attained in this chapter.

[edit] Villages

  • Red Gem (left village, to the north)
  • Elixir (right village, to the north)
  • Pure Water (south western village)

The other village, the north eastern one, is destroyed and unable to visit. Coincidentally, Selena, a general of the Grado army, is the one who bestows the Red Gem to whomever visits the village she's in. She will not be officially introduced until later in the game.

[edit] Dropped

The only bandit west of the middle hill on grassy terrain will drop a vulnerary upon his death.

[edit] Shop

Item Uses Cost
Slim Sword 30 480
Iron Sword 46 460
Slim Lance 30 450
Iron Lance 45 360
Iron Axe 45 270

[edit] Boss

Name: Bone
Class: Brigand
HP: 23
Level: 4  
Movement: 5   
Strength: 6 
Skill: 4
Speed: 5 
Luck: 0
Defense: 4 
Resistance: 0 
Constitution: 12  
Equipment: Iron Axe 

[edit] New Units

[edit] Strategy

The immediate action a player would like to take in this situation is to immediate get Ross and Garcia, two currently "other" players, to the western side of the mountain and then turned blue, units of your control. As "other units", their actions can combat with yours and create unecessary chaos on the battle field. Firstly, have Vanessa fly over the mountain to rescue Ross. Drop him as soon as possible and do the same with Garcia. Once on the western side of the mountain, heal Ross with Moulder, talk to Ross with Eirika, then have Ross talk to Garcia. This way both Ross and Garcia are yours to control, are safe and healed completely. This hasty first move clears away any possible chaos if otherwise not taken. To get both Ross and Garcia to the western side and under your control in on two turns is to: fly Vanessa over, rescue, and then by using canto to get to the other side; then, have another unit take Ross and drop him; repeats steps with Garcia and talk to them with the aforementioned units to convert them to being your units.

Meanwhile, utilize Seth and Franz's mobility to quickly visit the villages and reap the useful items they give you.

If done correctly, the reinforcements should have only just arrived by the time the above actions are made. The easiest way to reach the south west village is to fly Vanessa over. By turn four the enemy's archer begins moving, though, so be cautious as to where you put her. Keep her just out of harm's reach and fly her right back, as to avoid the archer.

Keep sword users such as Franz and Seth in the front lines of your army, just in harm's way of the archer. Drawing the archer close to units like Seth who won't take much damage will draw attention away from Vanessa. Killing the archer as soon as possible is beneficial to the weaker units that the archer can otherwise reach.

Units like Eirika, Gilliam and Garcia can be utilized to kill off the reinforcements that arrive just north of the south western village. Horse units move slowly in the forest and are better off defending the main strip of grassland and your weaker units in case Bone arrives before you can regroup. Be sure to keep Franz and Seth in spots that prevent the enemy units from passing. This way units like Ross and Moulder are safe.

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