The Threat of Silence

The Threat of Silence
The Threat of Silence.jpg
Chapter 18 of Fire Emblem: Awakening
game Fire Emblem: Awakening
objective Defeat the boss
defeat Chrom or Avatar dies.
units Allowed 13
units Gained Tiki, if she survives
boss Risen Chief
preceding chapter N/A
succeeding chapter N/A

“Pray be silent, milady. The Voice is currently performing the rite. In doing so, she will draw the divine dragon's power from the land unto herself.”

Say'ri, just before the battle.

The Threat of Silence is Paralogue 17 of Fire Emblem: Awakening, which is unlocked just after completing chapter 18.

Lady Tiki will be in a slumber while absorbing the Voice's power unto herself, becoming entirely vulnerable to the onslaught of risen that appear to attack. Chrom and company are tasked with Tiki's protection while she sleeps.


[edit] Script

The Threat of Silence/Script

[edit] Items

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal Mode

Boss Risen Chief
Class Griffon Rider
Level 12
HP 49
Strength 22
Magic 0
Skill 23
Speed 22
Luck 17
Defense 18
Resistance 9
Inventory Tomahawk, Hammerne

[edit] Reinforcements

Waves of reinforcements will spawn in this chapter in hopes of killing Tiki.

Turn 2 two griffon knights on the left-most tiles of the map, one falcon knight and one dark flier on the right-most tiles, and four wyvern lords beside the boss.
Turn 3 three wyvern lords to the left-most tiles, three griffon knights on the right-most, and two falcon knights and two dark fliers on either side of the boss.
Turn 4 four falcon knights on the left-most tiles, four wyvern lords on the right-most, and four griffon knights on either side of the boss.

[edit] New Units

Tiki will join your roster if you complete this chapter.

[edit] Strategy

A majority of the Risen in this chapter are winged units, making it hard to protect your weaker units from harm. It's advised to make your party comprised of units with higher defenses, as well as an archer or two.

The units in this chapter will make killing Tiki a priority over killing you. With that said, many of the enemy units will move without attacking. Planning around this will make the chapter much easier to complete.

Forming a "V" shape shield to protect Tiki is the best way to finish this chapter off with the least amount of damage!

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