The Threat of Silence/Script

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[edit] Before Battle

Chrom: Mmm... The air is sweet here. It's so calming.
Lissa: Makes you want to just flop down and take a huge nap, doesn't it?
Lucina: Tempting...
Avatar: Odd. It seems like anywhere else to me...
Say'ri: This is Naga's Cradle. it is said the divine dragon once called this place home. Here, the Voice will enact a holy rite to commune with naga and regain her power.
Tiki: ......
Lucina: Lady Tiki.
Tiki: ......
Lucina: ...Lady Tiki?
Say'ri: Pray be silent, milady. The Voice is currently performing the rite. In doing so, she will draw the divine dragon's power from the land unto herself.
Lucina: Forive me, I didn't realize. I thought she was sleeping... She looks so peaceful. What do you think she sees? DOes she perchance dream?
Chrom: I imagine she- ... Uh-oh. Is that what I think it is? Say'ri! Lucina! Enemies approach us from the south. We'd better get ready, or the Voice here is in for a rude awakening.

[edit] During Battle

Say'ri: The Voice is defenseless in this state. We must become her shield until the rite is complete. We await your strategy, Justin. Make us all a wall of steel!

[edit] After Battle

Tiki: ......
Say'ri: Are you unharmed, Lady Tiki?
Tiki: Yes, thanks to you. I apologize for the delay, but the rite has borne fruit.
Say'ri: You've taken in the power of the divine dragon?
Tiki: Some of it, yes... It's strange. This power had always isolated me. Many were the days I wept alone, cursing the charge placed before me.
Lucina: Lady Tiki...
Tiki: But now my power has a purpose, and the world needs it to avoid a ruinous future. And so I shall offer it freely. Allow me to join you.
Lucina: ... Are you certain?
Tiki: I am. I've had quite enough of living in solitude, thank you. Besides, I've always longed to better know this world. Now I can help you save it.

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