Unwelcome Change

Unwelcome Change
Unwelcome Change.jpg
Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Awakening
game Fire Emblem: Awakening
objective Defeat Risen Chief
defeat Chrom or Avatar dies.
units Allowed 4
units Gained 2
boss Risen Chief
preceding chapter The Verge of History
succeeding chapter Shepherds

You may call me Marth.

Marth speaking with the Shepherds after the battle with Risen.

Continuing their journey to Ylisstol, the Shepherds stop by to make camp for the night. After an unpleasant meal, Frederick, Chrom, Lissa and the avatar head to sleep. Chrom is woken up as he thinks something is amiss and Lissa wakes up shortly after asking about what troubled him. Suddenly a tremor shakes the area.


[edit] Script

Unwelcome Change/Script

[edit] Items


[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal Mode

Boss Risen Chief
Class Fighter
Level 3
HP 24
Strength 9
Magic 0
Skill 8
Speed 6
Luck 5
Defense 4
Resistance 0
Inventory Hand Axe

[edit] Reinforcements

There are no reinforcements this chapter.

[edit] New Units

Sully and Virion will join you during this chapter.

[edit] Strategy

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