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Name Katie
Gender Female
Favorite Title Fire Emblem 7
Favorite Character Lyndis
Wiki Position Wiki Moderator
Specialty Character Profiles
Neo Profile Fluidity's Profile
Contact Method NeoPM

Hey all, and welcome to my profile page. Here you'll find basic information about me, my relationship with the Fire Emblem series, and the work I do/plan to do here.



coming soon!

Neo History

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I've created this user template specifically to allow for a more personalized experience for contributors and info seekers alike. If you're thinking about contributing to this wiki, myself and the other contributors welcome you with the utmost enthusiasm! A great place to get started would be to create your own profile page such as this one, by entering User:yourusername into the search bar and clicking on the link to create the page. If you're having trouble understanding wiki basics, you may want to take a look at this page and explore this forum. Have fun and good luck! (: