Volke as he appears in
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Volke
Game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance,
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Age 30s
Race Beorc
Home Country Unknown
Class Theif (FE9),
Assassin (FE10)
Level 10 (FE9),
13 (FE10)
Affinity FE10Wind.png
Skills Knife, Steal,
Shade (FE9),
Stillness, Critical +25,
Shove, Lethality (FE10)
Known Relations None
Allegiance Greil, Ike, Bastian, Elincia

Volke, the Fireman, is a mysterious Assassin who knows dark secrets and little is known about him, including exactly where he is from. He is first introduced in Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance as a Thief. He appears in front of Ike in the basement of Canteus Castle. Ike decides to let Volke join his group, even though Ike doesn't have the 20,000 gold Volke asked for. At the end
of Chapter 19, after Ike pays Volke, Volke reveals Greil's secrets to Ike. Ike then contracts Volke to work for him and Volke promotes into an Assassin. Volke reappears as an Assassin in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn in Chapter 4-5. He travels with Bastian and joins the Hawk Army.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Path of Radiance

[edit] Background

FE9 Volke Theif.png
Volke was once contracted to Greil and his contract ended when Greil died. Volke was to kill Greil if he ever went berserk from touching Lehran's Medallion again. Volke was also hired by Bastian in the past.

[edit] Base Stats

MHP: 25/60
STR: 12/20
MGC:  0/20
SKL: 13/20
SPD: 13/20
DEF:  7/20
RES:  3/20
LUK:  7/40
MOV:  5/15
CON: 11/20
Level: 10
Class: Thief -> Assassin
Affinity: Wind
Equipment: Knife

[edit] Growth Rates

MHP: 65%
STR: 50%
MGC:  5%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 65%
DEF: 20%
RES: 10%
LUK: 35%

[edit] Supports

             C       B       A
Bastian      0       1       2

[edit] Recruiting

He can be recruited by Ike before Chapter 10 and can be confirmed to be recruited after Chapter 10. He can be confirmed to be recruited once more after Chapter 19.

[edit] Death Quotes

Volke : My...apologies... It appears I can no longer accompany you. When my payment is ready, 
        contact me. You know how to reach me, do you not?
Volke : .................. I cannot end my life in this war. It would be a useless end... 
        My apologies... This is where our relationship ends.

[edit] Radiant Dawn

[edit] Background

FE10 Volke.png
After the Mad King's War, Volke ends his contract with Ike and is contracted by Bastian. Bastian needs Volke to help him investigate Daein and the mysteries of Bertram and the Black Knight.

[edit] Base Stats

MHP: 52/55
STR: 30/32
MGC:  5/15
SKL: 36/40
SPD: 35/40
DEF: 26/30
RES: 22/25
LUK: 24/25
MOV: 7/15
CON: 11/20
Level: 13
Class: Assassin
Affinity: Wind
Equipment: Peshkatz, Stiletto, Silver Knife

[edit] Growth Rates

MHP: 50%
STR: 50%
MGC:  5%
SKL: 60%
SPD: 65%
DEF: 45%
RES: 15%
LUK: 20%

[edit] Recruiting

He is recruited by talking to him with Bastian or Elincia and paying 3,000 gold in Chapter 4-5.

[edit] Death Quote

Volke: ...Stupid. I wouldn't be caught dead on a worthless battlefield like this. Sorry, but 
       this is as far as I go...

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