Winds of Rebellion

Winds of Rebellion
Winds of Rebellion.jpg
Part 2, Chapter 2 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Rout
defeat Nephenee or Brom die
units Allowed 2
units Gained three; Nephenee, Brom and Heather
boss Yeardley

Queen Elincia encounters and defeats a wing of Begnion dracoknights trespassing in Crimean skies. After rescuing Chamberlain Nealuchi and Princess Leanne, she invites them to be her guests at the royal court. While Elincia's show of loyalty to her laguz allies causes an uproar among the nobles at court, they are aware that the heron princess is under the mutual protection of the mighty laguz hawk king and raven king. Because of this, there is no public show of distaste. However, dissatisfaction with Elincia's rule now spreads from a single faction to a larger group. Crimea's unity is slowly rotting from within. This discord begins to be felt even in country hamlets like the farming village of Ohma.

Due to Elincia's denial to move on Daein and her inexperience as a ruler, rebellion has brewed in the country of Crimea. The town of Ohma, where Brom and Nephenee reside in, shows the first example of said rebellions and the tension being built from Elincia's current actions and the rise of Daien by the Dawn Brigade. Despite not wanting to, Brom and Nephenee fight the townsfolk in Elincia's name and attempt to convince them of her honesty and compassion for her country.


[edit] Script

Winds of Rebellion/Script

[edit] Items

[edit] Dropped

  • Antitoxin
  • Vulnerary
  • Herb

[edit] Houses

  • Ashera Icon
  • Steel Axe
  • Concoction
  • Javelin
  • Spectre

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Lance General
Level 5
HP 38
Strength 19
Magic 7
Skill 18
Speed 17
Luck 7
Defense 20
Resistance 11
Move 6
Constitution 13
Weight 23
Weapon Mastery Lance - B; Axe - E

[edit] Reinforcements

  • 1 Bandit w/Iron Axe from the west
  • 1 Bandit w/Steel Axe, Coin from the south.

[edit] New Units

  • Nephenee
  • Brom who will join from the beginning.
  • Heather, who will join upon talking to her with either Brom or Nephenee. She will appear on turn five and leave a few turns later if you do not talk to her.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear (Easy/normal: 1500 exp) (Hard: 750 exp)
  • In 15 Turns (easy/normal: 750 exp) (Hard: 375 exp)
  • Volunteers' survival per unit, maximum of 4 (easy/normal: 400) (Hard: 200)

[edit] Strategy

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