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[edit] Before Battle

Avatar: Quite the bustling little town.
Chrom: The harvest must've just come in. I wager there's some good eating to be had!
Lissa: Count me in! It's been DAYS since I had a proper meal!
Scene cuts
Villager: Welcome to the Grub Sh-ACK! You're... You're...
Chrom: Um...?
Villager: T-terribly sorry, sir, but we're closed!
Chrom: That was... odd. I guess we'll try elsewhere.
scene cuts
Lucina: This place looks open, Father... Ooh, they have pottage!
Maiden: Eeek!
Lucina: Hmm?
Maiden: P-please, not again! We'll be ruined. This tavern is all we have! Mercy, sirs! Leave us in peace!
Chrom: People here don't seem to like us very much.
Frederick: I did a little investigating on that front, milord. It seems a band of nasty rogues have been harrying them without pause for some time. Apparently, they are led by a man who masquerades as... you.
Chrom: *sigh* So that's what this is about. Any idea where they are?
Frederick: It seems they headed north, milord.
Chrom: Then so shall we.
scene cuts
Ruger: Heh heh... Another fine haul. Long live the great Chrom!
Cynthia: Chrom? Father*? Faaather? Pegasus Knight Cynthia, returned from patrol, sir! ... Whoops! trips Ooh... right on the face... S-sorry for my clumsiness, sir! I promise not to trip again for at least 24 hours!
Ruger: That'd be a new record... Now out with it, girl! What'd you see?
Cynthia: A suspicious band of travelers have been making inquiries in town, sir.
Roger: Oh?
Cynthia: They call their leader Chrom, sir. I suspect they are imposters posing as you! They must be stopped at once, father!
Ruger: Cynthia, what did I say about calling me that around the men?
Cynthia: S-sorry, Father! I mean, Chrom! Milord! ... It won't happen again.
Ruger: Your mind's near as slippery as your feet... Anyway, we, uh, don't have the men to battle this imposter right now. Best swallow our pride and exercise the better part of valor for now.
Cynthia: Levelheaded and humble as ever, sir! Allow me to draw their attention while you retreat to safety.
Ruger: Yes, yes of course. A fine plan.
Cynthia: I won't let you down, sir!
Ruger: ...... Gads, she's dumb as a brick. Good thing her spear is sharper than her wit. Still, at least she stopped ranting about hailing from the future...
scene cuts
Chrom: And you are...?
Cynthia: All who would pretend to Chrom's name will answer to me for their deceit! Lay down your arms and surrender, or face judgement at my spear!
Chrom: Well, she certainly seems eager. What do you think, Avatar? If she's being honestly deceived, we may be able to show her the truth.
Cynthia: Enough! In the name of my lord Chrom, cast down your sword or draw it!

[edit] During Battle

Ruger: Hmm? A band of mercenaries? Luck smiles on me today! A few pretty lies, and I'll have the lot of 'em fighting for me!
Ruger talks to nearby Dark Knight
Ruger: Haaalp! I am Chrom, ruler of Ylisse! I'm being hunted by brigands! If you help me, I'll see to it that you're handsomely rewarded!
Mage knight turns enemy
Ruger: Hold fast until I give the word. The moment they clear that rubble, fall on them like an avalanche!

[edit] Sumia talks with Cynthia

Sumia: Pardon me, but... I think you may be misinformed. Can we speak a moment?
Cynthia: Don't waste your breath! Your lies ring hollow! Your... ring? ... Ring? Y-your RING! MOTHER!
Sumia: ... What?
Cynthia: It is you! Oh, mother, you're alive! I never thought I'd see you again! I...
I... *sniff* Waaaaaah!
Sumia: Um... are you all right?
Cynthia: WAIT! But if you're on that side, that means... Ohmigosh. My Chrom is FAKE! Oh, I am going to KILL him for this! I'm going to plant a flying hoof right in his stupid liar face!
Sumia: Wait! We should really... Well, at least she's not confused anymore. If only I could say the same for me...

[edit] After Battle

  • Cynthia joins the party. (if she survived)
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